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Custom TV Mounting in Maple Grove - Custom Low Voltage LLC

Custom Low Voltage LLC is a local TV Mounting, Home Theater, Installation Company. We have been dealing with modern technology everyday and complicated systems with AV, networking, and cabling for 12 years. Our experience sets us apart from the competitors. I was a Technology Installer during the transition period of wireless high speed internet. I have been able to obtain all of the information possible that could be absorbed in low voltage since 2005.

We specialize in Commercial or residential, TV Mounting, Voice & Data Cat 5e or Cat 6e cabling, Security Camera installation, Home Theater Installers, TV Mounting Installs, TV Installation Services, Flat Screen Installations, and more! Children are more likely to attempt to climb or pull down a television when it is on a stand or table, and freestanding TVs are an obvious target for kids with sticky fingers or a marker in their hands. Mounted televisions are also safer if you are the victim of a burglary, as freestanding TVs make easy and fast prey, but a mounted TV holds less appeal as the removal process takes longer. Here you will find benefits of Custom TV Mounting in Maple Grove:

Custom TV Mounting is affordable options that can help you achieve a sleek and contemporary look, free up valuable living space in your home, and keep your TV out of the hands of children and thieves alike. So get that TV up on the wall where it belongs!

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