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Hiding TV wires Minneapolis – Custom Low Voltage

Wires which are not hidden or covered always have a factor of risk involved with them. Someone may trip over them or yank them or foot traffic may cause damage to them. To avoid all these risk factors it is essential to hide or secure your wires and cables in the room. The harness of wires in the room looks messy and shabby. Properly managed or secured cables improve the looks of your room and also ensure your safety as well. A couple of simplest ways are Hiding TV wires Minneapolis by Custom Low Voltage LLC. They are easy and simple.

Required Items

You need the following items to fulfil this task:

- Electric staple gun

- Paintbrush

- Flathead screwdriver

- Tape measure

- Plastic raceways

- Paint to match your walls


  • First Method

1. The first thing you need to do is to measure the length of the wire. Measure the exact length by laying the wire down freely with a tape measure. If your room is carpeted then your task is extremely easy.

2. Make a space between the carpet and the wall. You can use a flathead screwdriver to pry a space between wall and carpet. This is very easy. You can even pull the end of the carpet slightly to make a space. Do not pull a large part of the carpet.

3. Push the wire gently between the carpet and the wall. Begin from the place where your phone is placed. Cover all the wire around the room. Make certain that you will not push at wire hard enough lest you break the insulation of the wire. You can simply cover the wire with carpet but if you want to make it secure enough, you can staple the wire with the wall.

  • Second Method

If you don't have a carpet in your room, don't worry you can still hide your wires easily. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Get the raceways and assemble them at the point where the floor and walls meet together. Set up raceways horizontally first. Always begin from the point near to your phone. Insert the wire into the slot given in raceways. Hide the entire wire horizontally.

2. You can use raceways vertically to hide wires but that is not a desirable act. Installing vertical raceways means you cannot hide them; they will be visible and in plain sight to everyone. Even coating those with the paint cannot hide them efficiently. Vertical raceways will not allow extra room to move the wire in or out if desired. Always keep your raceway straight. Don't use it in slanting or curved position. They will be more noticeable and look odd.

3. In the end, to make raceway less noticeable and visible to the eye, apply paint to it matching to your existing wall paint.

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