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How to Choose the Right TV Mounts Installation

Custom Low Voltage has several standard TV Mounts Installation packages that will fit almost any TV Mounts with molding project. Now, we will discuss, How to choose the right one will depend on where in your house you will mount your TV and your budget:

1. An electrical outlet and a cable outlet right below where the TV will be mounted.

2. Avoid placing your TV on the wall opposite to windows since the glare will not let you enjoy your TV Sunday morning.

3. If you will be installing your TV in the living room try not to place the bottom of the TV higher than your eye level.

4. If you will be installing your TV above a fireplace make sure that you have an electrical and cable outlet either to the left or the right side of the fireplace.

5. The TV will be connected to other devices like a cable box, a Blue-ray etc. make sure you have a stand or shelve to place these devices preferably under where the TV will be mounted.

6. Avoid mounting your TV on an outside or perimeter wall since it will cost more if you will like to hide the wires in the wall.

Once you have chosen where you want your TV to be installed then you can choose the appropriate TV installation package.

TV Mounts Installation package is more expensive than the Stem because all the wiring is hidden in the wall. Custom Low Voltage also can installed Custom TV Mounting and TV Mounts with Molding.

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