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Custom TV Mounting - Custom Low Voltage LLC

Television has come a long way since its inception, along the heavy and boxy TVs of the past. Now with the convenience and clean aesthetic of Custom TV Mounting, you will never need to look at ugly cords, take up precious living space to accommodate your TV. At Custom Low Voltage LLC, we understand the importance of Satisfaction! That being said, we post reviews & galleries for our customers. Also please read our reviews, we update them frequently. The work displayed in these portfolios was hard effort put forth to achieve customer satisfaction. Here you will find benefits of Custom TV Mounting:

  • Cleaner, More Modern Aesthetic: Televisions of today manage to bring a cleaner, more streamlined visual appeal to your home. With all the incredible advances in viewing technology, do you really want to ruin the view with ugly, bulky cords and wires hanging out? Mounting your television is a great way to display the thin, sleek design of modern TVs while hiding all the annoying cables.

  • Safety and Security: Children are more likely to attempt to climb or pull down a television when it is on a stand or table, and freestanding TVs are an obvious target for kids with sticky fingers or a marker in their hands. Even without children around, televisions on tables or stands may be bumped into, which means your brand-new plasma screen could take a scary tumble onto the floor. Mounted televisions are also safer if you are the victim of a burglary, as freestanding TVs make easy and fast prey, but a mounted TV holds less appeal as the removal process takes longer.

Custom TV Mounting is affordable options that can help you achieve a sleek and contemporary look, free up valuable living space in your home, and keep your TV out of the hands of children and thieves alike. So get that TV up on the wall where it belongs!

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