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TV Mounting Services Near Me by Custom Low Voltage LLC

Whether you've purchased a new TV or you are looking TV Mounting Services near Me in the area Eagan, MN. If you're thinking about hanging it on the wall, you should contact a Custom TV mounting installations and wire concealment, TV Mounting Jobs and TV Mounting Services Near Me. While you might think this is a Custom Low Voltage LLC project, our experts can save you time and money.

We have been dealing with modern technology everyday and complicated systems with AV, networking, and cabling for 12 years. Our experience sets us apart from the competitors. Rob Thompson was a Technology Installer during the transition period of wireless high speed internet. I have been able to obtain all of the information possible that could be absorbed in low voltage since 2005.

We have also DATA & CCTV cabling including video surveillance & security camera installation. All cabling is retrofitted and made to specification for every customer. TV Mounting Services near Me and Custom TV Mounting is great idea with many benefits. It can open up space on your table and in your room in general. Watching is easier and less stressful on your neck and back. Finally, depending on where you put it, you can reduce or eliminate glare from the windows. For, further information visit at or customers can call 651-707-2204 or Email

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